photo: Rogelio Nobara

“fiery, full-throttle performance” – Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

Stephanie Griffin: Poem from Exile for 7 Violas (2015)
Live performance by violists Stephanie Griffin, Will Hakim, Caroline Johnston, Milan Milisavljevic, Ralph Farris, Jen Herman and Will Frampton

Arthur Kampela: Bridges (1998)
Live from Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

Tony Prabowo: Commonality I (1998) for Viola and Prerecorded Tape
Studio Recording by John Gurrin: NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Heinz Holliger: Trema (1981)
Live from Zipper Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Julián Carrillo: Capricho para Viola (1928)
Live from the Americas Society, NYC

Stephanie Griffin: BIO Rhythms (2015)
Live performance by members of the Brooklyn Infinity Orchestra (BIO): David Bindman and Michael Attias, saxophones; Thomas Heberer, cornet; Stephanie Griffin, viola; Gil Selinger, cello; Jen Baker, trombone and Andrew Drury, drums